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The restoration of an old stove is a relatively long and careful process if you want to be sure of a good result.
First you take as many things apart as necessary, for being able to clean the stove thoroughly. Then you blast the parts with fine glass compound to clean them down to the raw iron, at the same time not destroying the surface.
When that is done you inspect the parts carefully for weaknesses or cracks. They have to be repaired with straps of iron from the inside securing them, and then getting welded for extra strength and for cosmetic reasons.
All the parts are assembled with oven kit in the joints, and the inside grates are in most cases being replaced with new. Then you brick it up inside with fire bricks and fire cement. When it is dried out totally comes the final process where you paint it with oven black, which is graphite in a solution. When that is dry you polish the whole stove with fiber brushes.
If you have an old stove, we will be happy to restore it for you.
If you feel like doing the job yourself, we can supply you with all the necessary parts and material for it.